Ride the Beach Wave in All Seasons
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Ride the Beach Wave in All Seasons

There’s nothing more alluring than the call of sunny weather and a beach setting. For some people born with loose and medium curly hair types, that feeling is sometimes then interrupted by the thought of dry hair and frizz.  No one wants the good vibes of the beach interrupted by anything! You want to be able to know that your hair is shiny, wavy and ready to look its best while you kick back and enjoy a vacation and all that comes with it. Additionally, that “beach wave” look is a style you may want to incorporate at various times throughout the year.  Backyard cookouts, fall & spring weddings and your winter vacation are just a few examples of when that look would work with your ensemble.  Here’s how you can wash, condition and style your curly ‘doo to make it happen:

STEP 1: Washing Your Hair

One of the biggest fallacies regarding curls is that hair washing should be avoided once styled.  You are allowed to have clean hair, you just need to know what to use so that your hair isn’t stripped of nutrients or not allowed to maintain moisture after using the wrong products. Curly Hair Solution Shampoos are enriched with natural products that cleanse, moisturise and energize loose and medium curls.


Curly Hair Solutions® Energizing Shampoo: This energizing shampoo has a formula that contains 84 essential trace elements, resulting in a sulfate-free cleanse that is ideal for coloured or chemically treated hair.

Curly Hair Solutions® Silk Shampoo: The silk amino acids in this products provides added moisture leaving the hair clean, silky and shiny. It is water-based and safe for daily use, and is highly recommended for dry, coloured, chemically relaxed or permed hair.

Curly Hair Solutions® Treatment Shampoo. For a gentle cleanse that provides strength to your hair, the Treatment shampoo is a concentrate of panthenol and magnesium that strengthens the hairs elasticity. NOTE: this product should be applied evenly to damp hair, left in for 3-5 minutes and rinsed thoroughly for maximum benefits!

STEP 2: Conditioning Your Hair

Without a great conditioner, you leave your loose and medium curls susceptible to the elements once you leave your home.  A great conditioner creates the moisture your curls need to maintain their look and style, regardless of your environment. The moisturizing process just may be the most important element to achieving beautiful, wavy beach curls.


Curl Keeper® Slip™:  The conditioning ingredients of Slip™ (a leave-in conditioner) will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny without over-moisturizing your curly hair. Slip™ adjusts the pH balance of your curly hair, leaving your hair strong without adding weight to it.

Curly Hair Solutions® Pure Silk Protein:  This conditioning product offers a high concentration of silk protein, delivering healthy and strong results to even the roughest and driest hair!

STEP 3: Styling Your Hair

After looking at the importance of the moisturizing process, and what to use to keep your hair strong and healthy, the final step to achieving curly beach waves is how you style your hair. Beyond just the product you put in your hair, what you use to comb your hair is extremely vital.  Depending on your curl type, just using your fingers to distribute product evenly might not give you the maximum, desired effects you’re looking to achieve.


Curl Keeper® Gel: A water-based formula, the styling product leaves no product buildup and supports any curly ‘doo. Great for styling with brushes, blow-drying or a natural dry depending on the style of your loose and medium curls.

Root Brush: This brush helps control the direction of hair growth.  Made with nylon bristles, this brush ensures flexibility of brush strokes to prevent snags and tangle your curls.

Tweek™: Curl Keeper® Tweek™ is the first ever hairspray in a cream form for curly hair. This revolutionary, water-based product is a great way to fine tune your loose and medium curly hairstyle and does to curly hair what hairspray does for people with straight hair.

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