RevUp! Volumizing System Review
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RevUp! Volumizing System Review

My curly hair didn’t reach its full potential until after I had kids. I went from a slight wave to a natural loose curl and was shocked to discover how much more difficult it was to care for curly hair. It wasn’t until I started getting tons of compliments that I started to have a true appreciation for my new found crowning glory!

It wasn’t long before I jumped on the curly hair fight-the-frizz band wagon and found myself trying every product I could find to help tame the mane that was becoming both a blessing and a curse! In my search for the perfect curls I received samples of the Rev Up! Volumizing System. I tested the system, which comprised of a volumizing shampoo and “volumist”, based on the three basic >curly hairstyling techniques I use the most. Here are the results:


The Lazy Crazy Curl

I learned this technique from a friend who has similar loose to medium curls to mine. She suggested I wash my hair in the evening and then scrunch it while wet and put it in a high pony tail at the top of my head before going to bed. The results can vary, but ideally you end up with a nice, smooth curl that you can then dampen with a little product or spritz in the morning to get it to the shape you like. That said, I tried this technique using the Shampoo from the Rev Up! System and I I loved the light, fresh almost minty scent with undertones of sweet almond. I then brushed out my hair, scrunched it and swooped it into a high pony tail before bed and slept my way to what I hoped would be perfect curls. I unraveled my air anxiously the next morning and discovered gorgeous, bouncy curls much to my relief! There was much less frizz than usual and it was easily further shaped and tamed with a quick misting of the Rev Up! Volumist Spray. This quick and easy technique gave me ready-to-go bouncy loose curls, with frizz free results and not a minute wasted fussing on my way out the door! Loved it!

Loose and Easy Wave

This is the, “not sure if I’m going out today” technique that I’ve adopted for lazy days, mostly in the summer when I am too hot and cranky to face the blow dryer! I shampoo and condition and then I brush my hair smooth, without scrunching. Once dry, I apply a small amount of smoothing product. The result is a longer, very loose wave, but the humidity can wreak havoc with this technique! I used this technique with the Rev up! Shampoo, then brushed and allowed my hair to air dry. Once dry, I then sprayed with a light misting of the Rev Up! Volumist and Voila! Smooth, sexy waves were rejuvenated and perfect for that Gwen Stefani glam look. This look was also perfect for the half high pony tail that brushes hair back off the face and lets your curls fall where they may! Very caj and sexy.

The Rev Up! Volumizing System worked for me. I loved that I did not have to use a lot of product, which means more value for my money! I loved that the Volumist can be used to both rejuvenate hair leaving the curls soft enough to run your fingers through, or with a little extra misting you can really add volume and hold, but still maintain a touchably soft look.

If you have tried RevUp! Volumizing System email us your review or post your experience below.

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