4 Incredible Winter Wedding Curly Hairstyles
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4 Incredible Winter Wedding Curly Hairstyles

ure, a spring or summer wedding is a perfect time for sun and flowers, but Winter Weddings have the advantage of a fairytale backdrop. Picture snowflakes out the window, ornaments on a Christmas tree, the smell of wood on the fire, and you looking breathtakingly beautiful on your wedding day.

When curls are styled in romantic updos, twists, and/or braids, they are sure to turn heads throughout the venue. Yes, it’s all eyes on you – and your gorgeous curls!

So, if you’re planning a winter wedding, you’ll want to find the perfect curly hairstyle for the occasion. The four curly hairstyles below will have you looking your absolute best on your wedding day.

A Romantic Loose Updo

Weddings are all about romance, and there are few things as romantic as loose curls. A loose updo will give your hair a polished look without sacrificing any of its natural beauty.

To get this look, divide your hair into three sections of equal size. Loosely braid the section in the middle, and then twist the braid into a bun. Use bobby pins to hold it in place.

Once the middle section is secure, braid each of the sections on the side. Wrap them all around the bun, pinning them into place when you are satisfied with the look. If desired, leave out a few face-framing strands. Use hairspray to hold the updo in place.

This hairstyle will look beautiful with all kinds of wedding gowns. It also pairs well with both veils and tiaras.

Cascading Curly Spirals

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is as elegant as it is lovely, you may want to try cascading curls. Elegant spiral curls can make the frizziest curls look like a work of art.

Loose waves are a sexy and beach-inspire style. Best of all, it can be created even if your hair already has lots of bouncy curls. With this curly hairstyle, you can go completely curly or you have the option to smooth your hair at the roots, leaving voluminous curls at the end.

To create this style, wash and condition your hair with a curl-defining shampoo and conditioner, and then dry your hair mostly straight. Afterwards, run Curl Keeper Gel through your hair, from ends towards the roots, for ultimate frizz control. Next, blow-dry your hair at the roots, combing down to just below your ears with a paddle brush.

If you want the top part of your hair to appear straight, use a hair straightener on the root area to further smooth out your hair, making sure to keep the ends of your hair curly!

Tiny Braids and Curls

Thanks to shows like Game of Thrones, braids are more popular than ever. Braided updos are an ideal choice for winter weddings. Braids look great with long-sleeved dresses, and curly hair tends to braid very well.

For this style, start by combing through your hair, working through any knots that you find, and detangling your hair fully. Start by braiding several braids near the top of your head. Mix your braids in with your curly hair.

Finish off the hairstyle with a regular braid and secure it with an elastic in the center of your head. Once the braid is finished, pull and stretch it out so that your hair has a fuller look. Pin it in place and secure it with hairspray. Let your curls fall around your face and down your shoulders and back.

Waterfall Braids

You don’t necessarily have to wear your hair up at your wedding. A half updo can be romantic and beautiful. Waterfall braids are the ideal updo for curly hair: they can make hair look soft and lovely, even if it is dry and damaged.

Take a small section of hair on the left side. Split that section into two more sections, twisting the section at the top around the section at the bottom. Grab a section of hair from above the twist and place it between the two pieces.

Continue to twist the two pieces that you have, periodically adding in an additional piece of hair. Continue the braid to the other side of the head and secure it. Add some wedding hair accessories and you will look like the princess you are.

These four curly hairstyles are absolutely perfect for winter weddings. Don’t be afraid to give them a try. Cheers!

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