Washing curly hair is much more complicated than one might think. It can mean walking a tightrope between moisture and strength. Some curly heads need more moisture than strength and visa versa, but the hard truth is that curly hair needs both. All three of our specially formulated shampoos contain concentrated amounts of essential ingredients that we have researched over the past 15 years. All types of curly hair will benefit from these shampoos and they can be used safely daily because they are pH balanced for curly hair.

“...  Curly heads must use solutions that range from a pH 4.5-5.5.”

- Jonathan Torch

At different times, and under different conditions, your hair has different needs- it will change several times a year. For example, during harsh winters, indoor heating drives moisture out of your hair, making some curly hair uncontrollable, tangled and dry. In summer, hot muggy conditions require advanced frizz control.

Treatment Shampoo

Treatment Shampoo over time, will dramatically improve the elasticity of the hair and will prolong colours or perms. The hair’s ability to stretch becomes paramount when considering doing any sort of chemical treatment, you don’t want to be dealing with breakage. Washing with this shampoo consistently will strengthen your hair so it’s in the best condition.

Silk Shampoo

Silk Shampoo while creating a rich lather, will deposit authentic silk amino acids into your strands. After washing with this shampoo, it will leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized. Curls that suffer from be dried out will benefit the most from this shampoo.

Energizing Shampoo

Energizing Shampoo creates volume and has the same invigorating effect that the ocean has on curly hair. Energizing shampoo is packed with 84 trace elements derived from pink Himalayan crystal salts, they have an amazing effect on the hair and scalp. Energizing Shampoo has been known to successfully treat most scalp issues like dandruff, eczema and even psoriasis, while still preserving the quality of chemically treated hair. Its gentle formula is pH balanced and sulfate-free, making it a safe gentle cleansing; even on fragile hair.

So…which shampoo is for you?!

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