Dry Scalp in Winter? Here’s the fix.

Winter is clearly upon us, which means indoor heating is turned on and our haircare routine requires some change. Dry scalp can occur rather quickly and it’s the first reminder that our skin and hair isn’t holding onto moisture the way it did in the warmer months. We tend to go overboard purchasing multiple conditioners, leave in conditioners, and other products that promise to give us moisture where we need it but what if one product could do it all?

Ingredients are the key to any good product and Curl Keeper Dry Oil Elixir is no exception; being the first vegan oil in its lineup of products. It contains a rich and decadent blend of Omegas 3-6-9, vegan Squalane and Sacha Inchi Oils that nourish and moisturize the driest skin conditions on a cellular level. The eucalyptus in the formula aids in soothing the itch and irritation that comes with a dry scalp.

Winter Scalp + Haircare Tips

As dry winter scalp patches form, use the Flexy brush to exfoliate to remove dead skin. Best to do this after you get out of the shower when the skin on your scalp has softened. 

Another trick is to spray your Flexy brush with the Curl Keeper® Dry Oil Elixir and massage the oil directly onto the scalp. For more severe dry patches, you can spray the oil directly on the dry spot then massage the area with the Flexy Brush.Regular scalp massages with the oil and the Flexy Brush will help you maintain a healthy scalp during the colder months.


Bonus Tip for shiny and moisturized curls!

You’ve all seen the hashtag #sotc and one of our favorite things to do is to use the Curl Keeper® Dry Oil to “scrunch out the crunch” or cast that is left on your hair after you’ve used a styling product and your hair has dried. Once your hair is dry, to give your curls an instant moisture boost, spray some on your hands and scrunch out that cast.

The Curl Keeper® Dry Oil Elixir is super-concentrated, so a little goes a long way – a single treatment should last for a whole week and one bottle should last all winter!

All-Natural | Vegan | No Silicones| No Parabens | No Preservatives | No Fragrances