The Importance of Cutting Curly Hair
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The Importance of Cutting Curly Hair

Curly hair care involves getting the perfect haircut for your curl type and knowing how to style and manage your hair to achieve its maximum potential. Hair cutting techniques for curly hair are very different from cutting techniques for straight hair. Cutting straight hair requires an accuracy and tension that predict where the hair will fall. When used on curly hair, the ‘S’ formation of the curl is overlooked. Traditional layering techniques cause the unwanted ledge – a mistake that could take years to grow out. Many curly hairstyles cut curly hair too short not allowing for shrinkage. The results are a drastic loss of blend and hair length which we call ‘cutting shock’.

>Cutting curly hair is the most complicated of all hairstyling procedures. The creative concept of cutting curly hair is all about understanding the correct distribution of bulk, where to eliminate the excess bulk to add volume movement and bounce, where to help enhance facial features or cover-up others and create easy to maintain fashionable hairstyles for all curly hair types. Before changing your long or short curly hairstyle try to examine the shape of your face. Take note of where the widest parts of your hair are, as these are the areas where you need the most volume control. Understanding the shape of your face, bone structure and profile will guide you to the right curly hairstyle.

We all know it’s a challenge to find a great hairstylist, especially a ‘curly-savvy’ stylist. Start by booking a consultation with a recommended salon. It’s important to have a consultation with a hairstylist before deciding on any drastic changes to your curly hair, this will determine if your cut is a success or a failure. Having a consultation will allow you to ask the stylist about his/her cutting techniques and the stylists will get a sense of your ability to style and manage your own curls. Collect photos of people with similar curl types and identify what you like and dislike about their hairstyle. Pictures are a great way to help your hairstylist get a better understanding on the look you want to achieve and will help bridge the gap in communication during the consultation.

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