Treating Colored Curly Hair
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Treating Colored Curly Hair

With the change in season comes change in hair colors. We all know that the sun lightens your hair and darkens your skin. The color tones in your hair that have been damaged by the sun can be easily restored to healthy, deeper and enriched shades by using the right products. With all the wonderful bright reds, richer browns and golden blondes we see it creates a challenge to maintain the richness and shine over a period of time between color applications.Coloring curly hair can cause extreme damage if the color formula is too strong. We call this ‘color shock’. It is very important to add strength and moisture to color treated hair, since chemical treatments often leave hair feeling much more dry and brittle. Restoring shine and softness to your hair will require treating your hair with properly pH balanced shampoo and conditioners.

Because curly hair is very porous, it is easy to deposit color pigments into the hair. It is sometimes harder to maintain rich color as the hair cuticles are naturally in an open position. As we always say “when your hair is wet it is shiny.” This is because open cuticles are filled with moisture reflecting light. Curly Hair Solutions™ products have a pH level designed to maintain the hair cuticle in a closed position without using silicones or oils.
Pure Silk Protein with a pH balance of 3.5 -4 is the key to making the color come back to life. Use the Pure Silk Protein one day before your color application and add some directly to the color formula, either at home or in the salon. This will make your color last longer, have more shine and help your hair stay moisturized for longer. Get your hair prepared for your new hair color and be ready for the Fall season!

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