Top 7 Tools for Curls
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Top 7 Tools for Curls

Whether it's for detangling, styling, or looking great with your best curls, we have the best accessories for curly hair!             

1. Styling Brush

NEW! $21.00

The Perfect Styling Brush for Curly Hair. For gorgeous up-dos, ponytails, buns, slick-back styles and more! Gently distributes hair product and natural oils from the root making hairstyles shiny and smooth.


2. Pop-Up Diffuser 

NEW! $20.00

Perfect for Diffusing Curly Hair. The Pop-Up Silicone Curl Diffuser is the perfect tool for diffuse-drying curly hair. Heat resistant flexible silicone allows for a snug, secure fit on almost all hairdryers. The ultimate space-saving design is perfect for storage or travel.


3. Roller Jaw Clamps


Roller Jaw Clamps will secure curls while providing lift at the root allowing for a bouncier more luscious curl.




4. Flexy Brush


The Best Detangling and "Curl Clumping" Brush. The only brush you will ever need! The award winning Flexy brush makes it easy to detangle hair with minimal breakage and pulling.



5. H2O Water Bottle 


The H2O Water bottle is an essential tool for reactivating product in your hair since it has a continuous mist and, has a leg up on any other spray bottle out there.




6. Badazz Backless Cap

NEW! $25 - $26.50

A classic baseball cap with a large cutout so that you can wear your gorgeous curls without worrying about fit or "hat-head".



7. Alligator Clips


Great for thick & heavy hair! The Alligator clips work wonders to section hair securely for maximum hold and styling.




*** Bonus ***


NEW! $25

Speeds up drying time while prepping curls. The Quick-Dry Styling Glove is curly hair innovation at it's best! A simple and effective solution that dries hair quickly AND helps to define curls!




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