The Truth on Transitioning, Relaxed to Natural
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The Truth on Transitioning, Relaxed to Natural

People with kinky curls are becoming liberated at the thought of being able to style their hair naturally, and with the use of the right hair products and newer techniques, they are discovering how to style their hair to achieve great controlled looks. We have carefully identified the best practices for transitioning from relaxed or chemically treated hair to natural hair.  By caring for the root area which is the new hair growth differently than the ends, which is the hair that is still chemically treated you will be able to still create a seamless frizz free hairstyle through the entire transitioning process.  

Learn how to care and embrace your natural curls with our 2 Easy Steps to Transition from Relaxed to Natural Curls. 

Shannon Shelton gives insight into how she transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, the ups and downs and the final result. Read the full Natural Transitioning Review.

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