The Three Stages of Curly Hair Wet Styling
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The Three Stages of Curly Hair Wet Styling

You can learn to control all different curl types through wet styling. Using Curl Keeper™ along with our latest styling techniques, you can achieve total frizz-free curl control that will withstand any climate and will give you “Curl Freedom”.  Styling curly hair happens in several different stages. Before styling, the effort is all in the preparation which is the first stage. How you apply and use the correct products will give you the perfect foundation to start with. The secret of styling 

The second stage is styling the hair and beginning the drying process. During the drying process curls will shrink and you will lose length and volume. As the hair starts to dry the volume starts to expand. Always allow hair to dry on its own with as little movement as possible. If you are in a hurry you may use a diffuser to speed up drying time, but still allow your curls to surface dry before doing so.
Once the hair is dry, stage three begins and allows you to create the final look by playing with your curls, giving you fullness. The more you play with your curly hair the bigger the hair will expand. Remember, big hair does not meanfrizzy hair.

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