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RevUp! Review

We always get so excited when we receive product reviews from well to do bloggers who had a great experience with Curly Hair Solutions products! We were fortunate enough to get an amazing review on RevUp! Volumizing System and we just had to share this with our followers! Here is what she had to say:

Recently I was asked what my favorite all time girly thing is. The answer to that one is simple. My hair. I have always been obsessed with my hair. From dying it to straightening it. I am in love with hair. That is why I was excited that Curly Hair Solutions sent me their RevUp! Volumizing System to review. As a disclaimer, I don’t always have curly hair. My hair isn’t all that curly any more. I guess if you spent years and years exposing your hair to chemicals and heat, you would have that problem too. In any case, I just have to say how much I love it!

My overnight hair curling routine:

1. After Shampooing with the RevUp! Volumizing Shampoo, I condition my hair as usual. Also following up with the Volumist. I only spray it twice. But a little goes a long way. Trust me!
2. I follow up with my leave in conditioner and brush it well.
3. Put on a headband. Any stretchy headband works. Part you hair down the back of your head and set equal amounts off to each side.
4. Starting at the top grab a 1-2 inch section of hair, and bring it over the headband, and thread it under. Grab another section into it and repeat.
5. Repeat this process until you reach the back of your head, right where the part is. If you have left over hair, bring it back up towards the top. Threading it through the open gaps. Repeat for the other half of your hair.
6. Go to bed and wake up with gorgeous curls!

Wow! I was so amazed that this curly hair product produced an extreme amount of curls on my hair. The lift was incredible. I have never experienced the hair volume that this product gave me. My hair was bouncing in curls. The shampoo has a minty scent to it. The scent is pretty strong, but pleasant. The Spray has a totally different fragrance. More floral, but lovely. You don’t have to worry about the spray being sticky either. It goes it, and vanishes. Just spray it, and scrunch up your hair. A total winner! My hair was left energized and vibrant!

Fabulous review from a fabulous blogger thank you so much to Desiree from So Sew Mama Blog! For more reviews on RevUp! Volumizing System and other CHS products go to

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