Powerful Effects of Curl Energizers
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Powerful Effects of Curl Energizers

Recently we’ve heard from several people that are using RevUp! Volumizing System  and have gotten great results! A few have mentioned that it feels great on their scalp; others have mentioned they have seen it reduce dandruff and even scalp and skin irritation. Clearly this product goes far beyond its promise to give your curly hair volume and beachy waves! Of course, this lead to the question: “What is it about RevUp! that makes it work in multiple ways?” So I sat with Jonathan Torch who developed the system to get some answers since clearly there is more than meets the eye! Here is what he shared with me, so get ready for this!

RevUp! Volumizing System contains energizing minerals that not only have a positive effect on your hair and scalp but are also beneficial to your health. Every function in the body depends on an efficient flow and distribution of water, including your cells’ internal production of energy and the elimination of toxins. In order to maintain life, the water in the fluid surrounding the cells remains at a constant level, so the blood and lymph nodes can continue to flow without becoming excessively thick. When there is not enough water in the body, the water levels inside the cells drop.

Getting enough water into your body is one requirement, but to use that water, our cells also need salt (also known as sodium chloride). For a cell to attract water, it needs salt to act as a carrier to fuel the body. Salt is part of a group of elements called electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential because our cells use them to transfer liquids, nutrients, and waste. It gets transferred across their membranes to carry electrical impulses through nerves and muscles to communicate with other cells. Ordinary table salt contains only sodium and chloride. However, unrefined natural salt such as Himalayan Crystal Salt contains all the other electrolytes our bodies need to maintain optimal health.

The broad spectrum of 84 minerals found in RevUp! are the ideal nutrients to aid the cells in attracting water. If there is not enough salt in our body fluids, the electrical charge of our bodies will be weak and the electrical functions won’t work properly. These essential minerals in RevUp! Volumizing System help to protect hair cells from becoming weak and breaking down. Continued use of RevUp! will drastically improve the moisture balance, improving the strength of your natural hair and add volume and bounce. Hydrate your cells from within with “Curl Energy”.

This is unbelievable! These are the things you gloss over in grade school science while passing notes to friends. RevUp! Volumizing system is a clear example of “going back to basics” and really paying attention to the cause and effect of natural processes in our bodies. As many of us know, swimming in the Dead Sea or any ocean is extremely beneficial for almost every skin ailment so it makes perfect sense why so many have found amazing benefits on using RevUp! on their skin, hair and scalp. Thank you to Jonathan for shedding some light on the product. Please feel free to leave your comments below! What’s your experience with RevUp?

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