New Colour Trends of 2016
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New Colour Trends of 2016

For people who love fun colour trends, say hello to 2016. Last year may have been an adventure into pastels, but if you’re thinking 2016 is returning to a more natural look, think again. Blondes, red heads, and brunettes are all getting makeovers which include deep, rich colours, and bold splashes of rosy pink.

1. Get a More Natural Look
One of the newest colour trends that’s taking the hair world by storm is known as contouring (and no, we aren’t talking about makeup). Contouring is a process that carefully applies highlights and lowlights to your hair in order to frame the face while detracting from potential flaws.

Another new technique that’s trending in the world of hair colour is ombre’s older and more mature sister, colour melting. Instead of distinct chunks of various colours, colour melting blends several hues together to produce a much more natural and multidimensional effect.

2. Here’s to the Blondes
Vibrant honey, wheat, and champagne may sound like a picnic at a country farm, but you’ll be pleased to hear these are also the major colour trends in blondes in 2016. Blondes can look forward to strawberries and champagne, a luxuriant combination of strawberry blonde and champagne blonde hair. Likewise, bronde (the marbling of various brown and blonde tones in hair) is taken to new heights with this year’s lavish golden and caramel hues.

3. Fifty Shades of Red
2016 is most definitely the year of the fiery red head. Currently, there are so many variations of red that brunettes, blondes, and even gingers have the opportunity to experiment with countless tones. Dark auburn and ronde (a marbling of red and bronze hair) are great options for brunettes and red heads while strawberry blonde may be just the ticket as a subtle addition to blonde hair.

4. Add Some Copper
As red gets its day in the sun, copper is coming out of the pack as the du jour colour of 2016. And these days, stylists are giving some amazing names to these trending ton including sun-kissed auburn (a combination of copper, gold, and auburn tones) and amber sunrise (copper and blonde hair). Or, if you’re interested in something a bit different, try antique rose, a combination of copper and rosy pink hair.

5. Or Some Pink
After quite the ride in 2015, pastels continue to dominate this year. Yes, lavender and blue are still in the mix, but dusty rose and rose quartz are topping the list in a big way.

These pinks are perfect as subtle streaks, dip-dyed tips, and as an overall colour.

Future Trends
The future of colour trends is filled with countless predictions over the shelf life of pastels and the evolution of ombre. For now, the bold and daring can add a pinch of red for some spice as colour melting and contouring personalize the hair care experience. So pull up a chair and dye that hair. 2016 is going to be a good year.

How about you? Do you like the new 2016 trends? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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