How to get Kinder Curls in 1, 2, 3!

How to get Kinder Curls in 1, 2, 3!

As parents, life can be chaotic with our littles with so much to maintain and stay on top of. To all of our mamas and daddies who have curly kiddies, it can get especially overwhelming when it’s wash day.

Kinder Curls™ is a curly hair care line for your little ones made by Curl Keeper. It was designed with the idea that kids need to hear a positive message around self-acceptance and to eliminate this fear of getting their hair done. All curls are beautiful and need proper care and so Kinder Curls makes it fun for kids and easier for parents!

The line consists of 3 styling products that can easily be used in a 1, 2, 3 system if you like!

Tips for your wavy and loose curly kids:

Step 1: Wash and condition your child's hair with products that are pH balanced for curls. This becomes important if you don’t want static! Be sure to rinse their hair thoroughly if they have a thick head of curls.
Step 2: Use the Kinder Curls™ Magic Mist Detangler ™ and spray it all over wet hair (don’t towel dry, just squeeze excess water out). If your child has thick hair, it's helpful to section the hair before spraying Magic Mist to ensures that you don’t miss any spots. Be sure to count to 30 with your little one as it takes 30 seconds for the magic to work! Then, use the Kinder Brush to detangle from ends to roots without tears.
Step 3: Use a generous amount of Super Curls™ from roots to ends on freshly detangled wet hair. Use more than you think you need to because it will not only eliminate frizz but it will beautifully define their curls. Use the Kinder Brush to help evenly distribute the product.
Step 4: Let it air dry. For long curls, gather the hair up and put it in a high pineapple with a scrunchie at bedtime.
Step 5: In the morning, just mist their hair with water to reactivate the product and fix any areas that need touching up.


Tips for your tight, kinky, and coily kids

Step 1: Wash and deep condition their hair. Get the rubber ducky out because you might need to let the deep moisturizing treatment sit for a few minutes. Any conditioner that isn’t a “leave-in” conditioner should be rinsed out thoroughly with warm water.
Step 2: Squeeze out excess water (absolutely no towel drying!) and section their hair. Use a clip to hold the sections in place and work through hair one section at a time.
Step 3: Use the Kinder Curls™ Magic Mist™ to spray one section of hair. Count to 30 with your kiddy because it takes 30 seconds for the detangling magic to work! With the Kinder Brush™, gently detangle from the ends to the roots. Repeat this on all sections of their hair. After each section is complete, clip it up.
Step 4: Use Super Curls™ and apply a generous amount to a section of hair and brush it through for frizz control and definition. Repeat this for all sections of hair. Keep in mind, the more you use, the better!
Step 5: For added softness, shine and bigger clumps, apply Creamy Curls™ on top of Super Curls™ by section (or vice versa the order of application of Super Curls™ and Creamy Curls™ doesn’t matter!) and repeat on all hair sections.
Step 6: Encourage them not to touch their hair and let it air dry. Before bedtime, gently gather their hair in a high pineapple or put on a silk bonnet.
Step 7: In the morning, mist their hair with water to reactivate the product in their hair and fix any areas that need a slight touch up.

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