Get the Look: Summer
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Get the Look: Summer

It’s going to be a hot summer, and we know you want to look your best! After wearing several layers last season, it’s time to clean out your closet and put together the freshest summer look ever! We wanted to give you some curl inspiration so we put together a hot and fresh style that you can rock anywhere you go. Look below to find out how to achieve Shantel’s smokin’ hot new summer style with hair and makeup tutorials!

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– HAIR – 
1. Start by using the Curly Hair Solutions Treatment Shampoo. Work it into the scalp and allow the shampoo to clean and sit on your hair for 3 minutes. This will help to break down any product buildup and allow the ingredients of the shampoo to penetrate deeper into the hair cuticle.
2. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly and add a half an ounce of Pure Silk Protein from roots to ends. Using a large tooth comb, slowly work the comb through your hair to untangle any knots and remove all loose hairs. This may take several minutes but it’s important to remove the tangles to make the styling process that much easier. Then rinse out thoroughly – and enjoy your conditioned curls!.
3. Spray your entire head with Curl Keeper Slip to apply a light leave-in conditioner to help you comb your hair more easily for easier combing.
4. Create a frizz fighting shine cocktail by mixing Curl Keeper Original, Gel and Styling Cream together. Use equal parts of each of the products – approx. 2 tbsp of each one – and mix them together for the perfect summer hair cocktail. Before applying the product, make sure your hair is as wet as possible (spray with a water bottle if needed to rewet) and distribute the product cocktail from roots to ends, completely saturating your hair, then work it through with your fingers.
5. Let your hair dry naturally, with as little movement as possible. Once your hair is surface dry, shake them from side to side. This will help your style to become fuller and more voluminous, while still keeping the curls intact and feeling soft. Diffuse as necessary to get them fully dry, or play with your hair to get rid of final dampness – and Voila! Your summer curls are fresh, frizz-free, and shine-tastic!
TIP: The Curl Keeper Styling Cream worked perfect for Shantel’s tight kinky curls as it helped to unravel her curls. The product helps to create no resistance combing and conditioning her hair. The Root Brush will allow you to group sections and twist them to form self-contained, well defined frizz-free ringlets. This does require tons of patience and time so prepare for this before you decide to create this look.


Our makeup artist Lorri worked with Shantel to give her a polished look to accompany her sporty style, and a look that can be applied with as little product as possible. Follow these quick and simple steps to achieve her flawless makeup:

1. Shay has great skin, but as the seasons change, her skin tends to be on the dry and flaky side. I first started by prepping the skin with the Bobby Brown “Hydrating Gel Cream”. I love this cream because its water based and super lightweight.

2. I then follow up with my all-time favourite, the Smashbox “Photo Finish Primer”. It doesn’t take a lot of this awesome primer to completely smooth over the entire face.

3. To get started with the makeup application, I decided to go with a base from Makeup Forever’s “Ultra HD fluid” foundation. This formula is designed for the camera and will leave her skin radiant and flawless in just about any circumstance.

4. Next, I go in and tweak any imperfections with my Ben Nye “Total Conceal-all Wheel” (Another one of my favourite things!), and the Makeup Forever “Full Cover” concealer around the eye area where she needed a bit more coverage. I decided to use a concealer half a shade lighter under her eyes to brighten them up.

5. I used a fairly neutral eyeshadow from Makeup Forever called “Oat” blended upward just past the crease line. I blend “Eggshell” from Makeup Forever on the mid area below the arch of her brow downward ending where the base colour meets. To marry the two colours together, I light-handedly blend “Plum,” also from Makeup Forever, into the crease, starting from the outer corners of the eyes and just above the base. I continue to blend until all colours are perfectly married together.

6. Lashes are curled and a double coat of Mascara from Smashboxis applied. Simple! Her lower lashes are lined with a black eyeshadow from M.A.C.

7. Once her eyes are completed I’m on to the cheeks with Bobby Browns beautiful blush in “Nectar”. I do a sweep of this pretty peachy pink across the apples of her cheeks, which is a perfect match for the golden undertones in her skin.

8. We go for Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in watermelon for a pretty and glossy lip colour.

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