Extenzz – Not Just for Tight Curls Anymore!
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Extenzz – Not Just for Tight Curls Anymore!

Starting off a new year with your best curls is a must. Learning to use products correctly separates a curl expert from the rest of the pack. We are always learning creative ways to use products from other curly heads and from our own experiences. Feedback on how to use products is so important as it teaches us new and creative ways to effectively use products. Extenzz has emerged as a product with many uses. Other than its advertised function of preventing curls from shrinking here are some other main benefits of using Extenzz:

  • Not just for tight curls, Extenzz works great on Medium curl. It will allow you to have a much wider, bouncier ringlet. This helps keep the curls and hairstyle together during the drying process.
  • Extenzz helps soften rough, dry, wiry and unruly hair making it very easy for a comb to slide through the hair. Thus makes detangling quick and painless.
  • Unravels tight curls to allow for easy styling. Perfect when slicking back hair in a pony tail. Gives ultimate shine for all categories of curls.

Works as an extreme Leave-In Conditioner for medium and tight curl. Also has very high performance when using Extenzz with either Silk Leave-In Conditioner and/or Curl Keeper.

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