Curly Hair Solutions™ is Wearing Pink In Support of Chemo Curls
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Curly Hair Solutions™ is Wearing Pink In Support of Chemo Curls

This October we are wearing pink in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and those affected by cancer. Unknown to most post chemotherapy and cancer survivors, patients find their straight hair grows back curly after chemotherapy treatments. 

Curly Hair Solutions™ has been consulting with numerous cancer survivors for over 20 years on how to manage their newly grown chemo curls with our non-silicone, natural hair products line that rinses out clean and is gentle enough for post-chemotherapy patients. 
We are pleased to announce that each dollar sold from the online sales of Curl Keeper™ 3.38 oz/100ml, 8oz/240ml and 33.8oz/1000ml for the month of October, will be donated to the Breast Restoration Awareness Fund (BRA) at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (PMHF).   
Curly Hair Solutions™ selected the Breast Restoration Awareness Fund because of its’ focus on helping women who have had mastectomies regain the sense of a healthy body.  Many women who have had mastectomies (over 6,000 in Canada alone last year) feel insecure about their bodies and uncertain of their femininity.  The BRA fund at PMHF raises awareness of the options available for breast restoration, and provides education for these women to help improve their quality of life.
Curly Hair Solutions™ and owner Jonathan Torch helps women dealing with chemo curls and educates them on how to care and love their new found >curly hair. Both the Breast Restoration Awareness Fund and Curly Hair Solutions™ focus on the aesthetic transformation that is an intrinsic part of the recovery for women who have had mastectomies, and/or chemotherapy.
“It’s very disheartening to see both men and women struggling with cancer and knowing that many of them will suffer from hair loss during their chemotherapy treatments. At the Curly Hair Institute I teach my stylists to be sensitive to the needs of post-chemotherapy patients while educating them on how to teach clients with chemo curls to manage and love their newly formed curls.” says Jonathan Torch.

Caring For Chemo Curls At Home:

-Both Treatment Shampoo and Silk Shampoo are perfectly pH balanced and gentle enough for everyday use. Both will cleanse the hair and never strip away any essential oils or cause product build up.

-Slip™ Detangler is a light, leave-in spray that softens hair and adds moisture without adding any weight and will make detangling your hair easier than ever.  

-Use Curl Keeper™, our water-based and chemical free signature styling product to eliminate frizz and define ringlets for all curl types. Distribute Curl Keeper™ on wet hair from roots to ends, allowing the water to distribute Curl Keeper™ evenly. It will not have the look or feel of product in your hair, once it has totally dried, so have the confidence to use generous amounts to get rizz control.
-Learning to control and style your curly hair takes patience and practice. There are several styling videos, on our website, that provide you tips and techniques on how to manage your curly hair.

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