Curl Keeper Cocktail Video Series for Every Curl Type!
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Curl Keeper Cocktail Video Series for Every Curl Type!

Who doesn’t love a good, well-mixed cocktail that just does what it’s supposed to do- make you happy. We aren’t referring to the martini type but a hair product cocktail! Now, in case anyone is unclear, a product cocktail is when you mix two or more of your favourite styling products together in a “cocktail” and use it in your hair.

For most of us, it’s a challenge to solve our natural curl problems with just one product. Curls encounter so many challenges like lack of shine, frizz, brittleness, dryness and the list goes on. However, this could be the time for a cocktail…or two! Cocktailing the right products together (this could take some trial and error on your part), is like multitasking for your hair. It’s possible to solve a few problems at once by mixing a couple of products together. The key to success is identifying what challenges you have with your curls and finding the proper products or “tools” to fix them. So we’ve created the perfect Curl Keeper Cocktail for every curl type!

Call up the girls over and pour yourselves some real cocktails and check out our  for every curl type!

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