Curl Confessions Video #5 – Layering Curly Hair
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Curl Confessions Video #5 – Layering Curly Hair

For those of us who suffer from a lack of volume and movement, we automatically default and think “I need traditional layers,” right? Wrong! According to experts at the Curly Hair Institute, layers don’t necessarily mean more fullness on top. What it can mean further down the road is you looking like a Christmas tree, which might be cute if it’s your Halloween costume but every day? Not so much! Layers can look incredible on straight hair but, truth be told, the same does not apply to us curlies.

We invite you to now check out the latest Curl Confessions video that discusses curly hair and traditional layering! Our experts shed some light on why to avoid thinning shears like the plague and why traditional layers don’t work in curly hair. Discover the meaning behind terms such as “ledges”, “invisible layering” and “undercutting” and what this can do to help your curly hairstyle. Again, they stress that every curl is different and with that in mind you can’t cut them all the same. We would love to get your thoughts, feedback and experiences with layering good and bad so leave us your comments under the posting!

If you are having trouble viewing the video, check it out on You Tube.

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