Curl Confessions Video #4: Curly Hair & Bangs
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Curl Confessions Video #4: Curly Hair & Bangs

Bangs are a very hot topic when it comes to curly hair. No matter what curl type you have it can be a lot of trial and error trying to achieve the right look. I was able to sit down with Jonathan Torch and his curl expert stylists to get their views on having curly hair and rocking bangs; is it even possible?

Jonathan Torch refrains from using the term ‘bangs’ and calls it ‘face framing’ since many people with curls are apprehensive to take the plunge and get bangs. In his words, framing the hair around the face allows bangs to blend easier into the hair. Curly hair and bangs can be a lot of fun and give you that sexy edge if you have the right length. However, once you decide to have bangs or frame that cute face of yours, recite those vows because you are officially committed! Ultimately, speaking to your stylist and seeing if your face shape and curly hairstyle would be a good fit to try bangs is a good idea before you jump right into it. Check out our latest Curl Confessions Video and find out the do’s and don’ts of wearing bangs with curls from our curl experts at the Curly Hair Institute. Share your opinions and experiences with curly hair and bangs, was it a success or not?

If you are having trouble viewing the video, check it out on You Tube.

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