Curl Confessions 2 – #4 Curl Stylist Lori
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Curl Confessions 2 – #4 Curl Stylist Lori

Welcome back to Curl Confessions on Gossip Curls! Today’s episode is fantastic, as curly hair expert Lorri from the Curly Hair Institute. With her fantastic tight curls and knowledge about how to manage them, she gets asked some important questions from our readers. Lorri definitely has gossip worth listening too since she addresses her very own curl type, which relates to so many of our viewers in the natural curly hair world. Since we all know that tight curly hair has a completely different set of curl problems compared to looser curls, Lorri explains and demonstrates on her own kinky curls what you can do to add shine and naturally soften your hair. She also gives insight on two things you may want to consider to better protect your style at night-time and a few techniques help to add definition to your curls. Tune and don’t forget to tweet us your questions and leave your comments about this video below.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, check it out on You Tube.

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