Curl Confessions 2 – #3 Curl Stylist Jonathan
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Curl Confessions 2 – #3 Curl Stylist Jonathan

Gossip Curls is bringing you the best of the best in this Curl Confessions video with Jonathan Torch founder of the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Canada. Not only do I love working with him, but with this particular question and answer session we covered a subject that applies to many: Curly vs. Straight! For those of you who have the ability to pull off both looks, this segment is for you.

Our viewers sent us some very interesting questions that allowed Jonathan to give some guidance with regards to going straight and minimizing damage. Additionally, he shows us how products can play an important part in going from straight back to naturally curly effortlessly. Lastly, he dives into how studying each ringlet will help you resolve a huge problem that most of us dread while sitting in that salon chair. If you have any questions for Jonathan please leave them in the comments section below! Don’t forget to connect via social media and send us your questions as well!

If you are having trouble viewing the video, check it out on You Tube.

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