Cocktails, Anyone?
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Cocktails, Anyone?


All that anyone wants is to ensure that their curls are frizz-free and flawless. However, that can be hard to achieve with just one product. The reason for this is that frizz results from different factors. It then becomes important that you find the right cocktail of hair care products to give you those smooth, frizz-free curls that you desire. However, there is no single cocktail solution, which works for all the different curls. If you want to cure the frizz in your curls, these cocktails should help you get started in the right direction.

Wavy Curls (Loose & Medium)

If you have wavy hair, then you know that it is quite prone to frizz. This moisturizing cocktail is the perfect way for you to get a light hold that does not weigh down loose curls or fine hair.

The Requirement

  • Curl Keeper® Original
  • Curl Keeper® Gel
  • Curl Keeper® Beach Mist

Curl Keeper® Original should be applied to wet, clean hair. Then, apply the gel from roots to end. Once styled, spray beach mist to dry or damp hair for that smooth finish. It has a low molecular size, which makes it easy to absorb into the hair. This provides definition and a light hold. It is also quite effective at penetrating hair shafts to moisturize them.

For Kinky Curly Hair

The cocktail will help you achieve curls that have shine, moisture, and definition without having to sacrifice natural bounce.

The Requirements

  • Curl Keeper® Leave-in Conditioner
  • Curl Keeper® Original
  • Curl Keeper® Styling Cream

Curl Keeper® Leave-in Conditioner is a non-greasy product that is great for smoothing frizz. It is made to avoid grease build up. Apply the Original to your hair, then add the Leave-In conditioner. Distribute each, individually from root to tip. Then, use the Styling Cream and style with a comb, brush or your fingers!

For Tight Curls

The ingredients in this cocktail are designed to reduce shrinkage and keep the hair moisturized. However, it also ensures that your hair does not feel weighty.

The Requirements

Curl Keeper® Original

  • Curl Keeper® Slip
  • Curl Keeper® Styling Cream

Curl Keeper® Original is seen as the holy grail of moisturizers for tight curls. It is a water-based product, which means it can be used daily without any buildup. It helps you to rein in the frizz without any hassle. Apply it from root to tip and then add the Slip to tangled areas. After letting sit for 30 seconds, detangle remaining hair. Once completed, add the Styling Cream evenly on wet, clean hair and you have yourself a cocktail that will have your hair vibrant for whomever you meet for cocktails at your favourite lounge or restaurant.

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