Breakup With That Hairbrush Causing Breakage
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Breakup With That Hairbrush Causing Breakage

Almost every woman brushes her hair daily in order to look well-groomed and presentable for their day. However, many don’t realize that something as simple as the hairbrush they are using could be sabotaging their hair. Throw in the added factor of having thick, curly hair and the brush you use can be crucial in determining a person’s hair health.

Much like a worker cannot finish a job easily with subpar tools, the same goes for your hair. In order to keep your curly hair healthy, it is paramount to choose the right tools. Poorly made brushes can destroy the hair cuticle, causing tiny tears in the hair and split ends. In fact, using the wrong hairbrush can even lead to damaged curly locks.

A brand new brush has been developed which will solve all of your curly hair concerns. The new Flexy Brush is one of the best detangling brushes you will use on either wet or dry curly hair.
This brush has incredible flexibility which means less strain when you run the comb through your hair. The less pull on your hair, the less your hair will break and tear. Being that the brush is so lightweight it is great for kids who struggle with tangles.

The Flexy brush was built with longevity, hygiene, and scalp therapy in mind.
Many brushes on the market today have that dreaded cushion at the base of the brush. Once the cushion is wet it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that you are constantly brushing through your hair. The brush becomes unsterile and useless after a few months. For this reason the Flexy Brush was designed with no cushion, meaning this brush can be used in the shower. It is actually encouraged to use this brush in the shower with your shampoo and conditioner. As you comb the conditioner through the hair you will remove stubborn tangles.

The Flexy Brush has been carefully designed with three blends of silicone bristles, each blend providing a vital function to your hair. The first provides your hair much needed therapy by stimulating blood flow and circulation to minimize hair loss. The second bristle blend exfoliates all of the accumulated dead skin on your scalp, making way for new growth. The most firm bristle layer is responsible for removing the stubborn knots and tangles from the hair. The brush also allows for air to pass through it, ensuring hair dries faster and you spend less time exposing it to damaging heat. This brush is delicate on the hair and is perfect for those who are sick of brushing clumps of hair out of extensions and wigs.

A hairbrush is a beauty product you rarely need to buy, but you use on a daily basis. This is the exact reason why it is so important to invest in a well-made, quality brush. Especially if you have curly, thick hair that most brushes will just not work on. Never overlook the value of an amazing hairbrush and how it can instantly improve your hair game.

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