Detangling Curls Breakage Free
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Detangling Curls Breakage Free

Detangling curly hair is typically the most dreaded step in a curly girls routine. The fear of hair loss, the time it takes to make sure all of those strands are free and clear of snags, and of course the pain of it all.

Anyone with curls can probably remember those childhood moments as we sat in-between our mothers legs as she tried her best to pull apart those lovely curls, instantly springing them back to life. 

Well, we've come a long way since then, and with some good products and of-course a bit of patience, we can lock the dreaded knot-monster of our childhood in the closet for good!

Here are some tried and tested tips to make detangling a breeze!

1. Section hair before starting to detangle and secure with clips. This makes it easy to focus on one section at a time.

2. Detangle right after you finish washing and conditioning your hair. Wet hair is delicate, so make sure to hold hair at the root and work your way up from the ends slowly.

3. Spray a detangler before starting and allow it to work and penetrate the hair before starting to brush through.

4. Use a gentle detangling brush with deep and flexible bristles. This will keep hair breakage to a minimum, get right into to the root, and be less painful than tugging on hair with stiff combs or brushes.

5. After each section is detangled, make sure to clip it up again to keep it out of the way until all sections are brushed through. 

Try these tips and share them with your mom so she can try them on her grandchildren. No tears there.